A Professional Organizing
and Unpacking Service in Chattanooga, TN


Unpack boxes after delivery

Once the movers have delivered the boxes to desired space, we will begin unpacking and putting your items away in an organized manner.

Set up kitchen, pantry, bathrooms

These areas can be the most time consuming to set up for a homeowner, once done your house begins to feel like a home!  We will set up these spaces to be tidy and functional. 

Organize clothing and linen closets

We will organize your clothing/linen closets to maximize your space, while being functional. 

Make beds

After your beds have been set up and the sheets unpacked we will be happy to make them up so you can go right to sleep when we leave!

Breakdown boxes for pick up

While we are unpacking, we will break down boxes and store them in the garage (or other designated area).  If you have not arranged for box pick up, we can schedule that for you after moving. 

Leave you with Order and Simplicity

Our team will work hard to get you unpacked and settled in as quickly and efficiently as possible after moving.  We want you to be able to start living instead of unpacking!