A Professional Organizing
and Unpacking Service in Chattanooga, TN

Organizing services


We can organize any space in your home or office



Laundry room

Garage and basement




Space Planning

Organizing is not just putting things away in an orderly fashion. We will map out a plan that works for you and your family to live and function efficiently.


This can be an extremely daunting process for individuals.  We will do our best to maximize space in your new home that will allow you to carry your memories with you and stay organized. 


Are you ready to be a minimalist?  It is a fact that most people own a lot more items than they will ever need or use.  Live lighter by getting rid of unnecessary items. 

We can also help you prepare to list your home, by making informed choices on the things you've held onto. Why pack up all those extra things to possibly purge AFTER the move? Let's do it BEFORE you move! Organization for the win!